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Recession Garden Plan for $20

I recently decided to put in my garden for the family for Twenty dollars in cost this year. It’s easy to get carried away with garden gadgets, tools and soil mixes. And with many people creating their first garden I thought this was the time to see about putting in a garden at a reasonable cost. Many gardens can cost between $50 to 100 to create. photo credit: iLoveButter So I saw an ad in the newspaper for garden seeds on sale at the local...

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Grow Edible flowers

Flowers are known for beauty and conveying relaxation and harmony to the backyard and landscape. They fill in bare spots in the lawn and help to blend sections of the yard and home together. They also have another purpose often overlooked, many are edible. photo credit: ZeePack Flowers add to any meal with taste, beauty and they are high in vitamins and minerals you can use both annual and perennial flowers. There are over 100 different...

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The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House

The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House Michele Obama, along with help from twenty-three fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, started to dig up the new 1,100-square-foot Victory garden plot in the White House Lawn on Friday March 20. The gardens location is near the Obama girls’ swing set and will be visible to people passing by the White House if using E Street.   photo credit: Super Is Sunny There has not...

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The $25 Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge

I am a big organic gardener. Chemicals do no belong on my property. I also use square foot gardening techniques and believe that everyone should grow a Victory Garden or participate in a Community Garden. This is even more important now with our economy and other nations also struggling with soaring costs. photo credit: amatern I saw this blog article and it is a wonderful challenge. I plan to watch its progress and hope that other will follow...

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How to Grow a Recession Garden

During the Great Depression, people grew food for their families, even in small suburban lots. Many dubbed these vegetable-producing patches Depression gardens or Recession gardens. The term Victory Garden was popular in WWII. What ever the name, all these gardens have one thing in common, promoting growing food in your backyard to help with the budget and to supply healthier food for your family. Even if you think you have limited space you can...

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