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Winter Recession Garden: Indoor Composting

The start of the Winter Recession Garden is under way and I am pleased so far.  I have my pots washed, sterilized and I added sterilized soil to more small terra cotta pots.  I already have lettuce, spinach, onions and garlic growing. And I have a cherry tomato plant hanging plant and strawberry hanging plant already growing and producing. My next step is to add a few more vegetables and a few herbs. I have pots ready and I will grow these in...

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Winter Recession Garden

Today is day one of my Winter Recession Garden. I have left over seeds from summer, which are still viable so I will not be buying any seeds at this time. Fresh seeds also do not hit the stores until later February or March in my zone 5 climate. Tip: Order your seeds from catalogs as soon as possible. I always enjoy ordering seeds when he snow is falling and is too cold to want to be outdoors Today I am organizing my seeds and cleaning my...

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Garden Planning for January using Small Space Gardening and Recession Gardening

As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, I look more to garden planning for the next year. In my Zone 5 climate gardening is usually in the planning only stage in December and January.  But this year will be different. For 2010 recession gardening and perennial gardening will become a more important part of my garden plans. Community gardening has always been an interest to me and recently Recession Gardens their benefits for our health, environment and...

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