Fencing can add peace of mind to the gardener if he lives in an area where small animals thrive and enjoy those moonlight meals of lettuce, cabbage and carrots. I have fenced my gardens but there are times fencing is not an option.

Here are a few tips that will help keep animals out of the garden. If your wildlife problem is not too bad these suggestions should keep your crops safe.

  • Onions help keep rabbits out of the garden
  • Marigolds and geraniums keep animals out of the garden. They also keep certain insects at bay
  • Moving strips of cloth tied to stakes scare many animals
  • Pie tins reflect light and scare away small animals and some birds (all birds are not bad though)
  • Wind chimes will help make noise and keep animals away.
  • Leave a radio on near the garden
  • A scarecrow will work for certain animals, usually deer. I will move a scarecrow once a week.
  • Clothes left near the edge of a garden will make animals think a human is nearby
  • Human hair will keep deer away.
  • Walk you dog around the perimeter of the garden just before dusk.
  • Dried blood, which can be bought at garden centers, will keep animals away
  • Garlic spray will keep rabbits from chewing on lettuce
  • Chicken coop wire used around crops like lettuce will protect them from rabbits
  • Raised beds and container gardening discourage many wild animals

These are just a few ideas and often times will work if you don’t have a serious animal problem. There are also sprays away that are available for animal control but I am not into using these sprays. I am not sure what chemical they have and I don’t use chemical sin my gardens.

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