Iris bulbs and how to divide them

A variety of Iris had been planted on the farm I grew up on. They were tucked in the back of the house in a small garden. Each year they grew and spread. But as with any perennial plant or bulb they needed to be divided to produce the best flowers. Being an heirloom variety of Iris I have not been able to find this plant in the varieties they sell today.

Other than needing divided the iris the seemed to require little care. As long as they received plenty of sun and had fresh soil or compost they thrived. I guess this is why the Iris stays a favorite flower of mine. It might also be they have a delicate look and blend in well with other flowers in the landscape. They also add to any cut flower arrangement.

If you’re looking to add the iris to your plant varieties here is additional information that may help you select a true iris.

Iris is the name of a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Iridaceae. The various Iris species have showy and beautiful flowers, which make them popular in gardens and in floral arrangements.

The name Iris is derived from the Latin name for rainbow. This fits the flower well since Iris flowers exist in an abundance of color variations. The term Iris in not only used to describe the genus, it is also the common name for the comprised species.

Sometimes similarly looking showy flowering species from related genera is also called Iris flowers. Freesias are such a variety. Freesias are more delicate and are a wonderful indoor plant.

Iris plants will last for year and when divided will give you more plants for your landscape or plants to trade with fellow gardeners.

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