A Gardener’s Dream: Free Dirt Delivered.

My life has had many twists and turns lately. I have just taken the attitude of sit back and see what happens.

Thursday morning I heard strange noises outdoors. A large truck was slowing down and entering my new parking area. The truck started dumping dirt and I knew that my morning would take a different turn. I called my brother to see if he had anything to do with it and had just forgotten to tell me. I was correct, my brother was redoing the slope behind his new garage and I would be getting four loads of dirt.

I checked the dirt out and it’s a high grade of dirt, not soil. But with added composting materials this will work into wonderful garden soil in a few weeks.

I decided to move all of my gardens to the front yard except for my spill over garden, so I would need a lot of soil for the new beds. I had the man delivering the dirt drop two of the loads (large dump trucks) near the smaller front bank where I had planned to put in raised beds in the bank side. Now all I will need to do its get my bed foundations in place (free cement blocks) and move the dirt and compost it into useable garden soil.

My garden work has been more than cut in half and all my supplies are free so what more can a gardener ask for? I had six large loads of dirt delivered. The spare dirt will go in another part of the yard. I do have to admit that the new garden area looks pretty bad at the moment but give me a few weeks and you’ll be surprised with the results.

TIP: If you need additional dirt or soil for your yard contact the road company or a construction site. They often have soil they need to get rid of. Most of the time it is free and often times they will deliver it for free.

Have you found or stumbled upon any useable finds for your garden or yard?

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3 responses to “A Gardener’s Dream: Free Dirt Delivered.”

  1. green gardener

    Lucky you and excellent tip! I have a coworker that just spent over $700 in soil and amendments! I always see piles of dirt at construction sites but never really thought about inquiring. I’m all for free though and can’t beat that free delivery!

  2. Denise

    Free makes the rest of your money go further. ( I usually think plants and seeds!) I also like the idea of recycling and helping take the load off dump sites.

    I never thought about free dirt until I heard how many companies pay to have it removed and dumped. So the next time the road company was moving soil I asked.

    This next week will be the search for free leaves and pine needles for garden landscaping projects. Denise

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