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I have had an interest in gardening since I was 12 years old. I was lucky and grew up on farmland, not that we farmed. My parents encouraged us to try new things and do what most people would consider the impossible.

One day my mother was talking at a gathering and looked over at me and said to the group, ” I always encouraged my children to try new things, think out of the box and be unique individuals…… Maybe I achieved this goal too well.”

I have been a freelance photographer and traveled extensively for many years. My favorite trips were to Stonehenge in England and Inverness in Scotland to search for the Loc Ness monster. We may have had more luck with our search if we had ventured out into the cold 40 degree weather, in June no less, to actually look!

I have had the opportunity to write for the Chautauquan Daily, a daily summer newspaper put out by the Chautauqua Institution in N.W. New York for the last couple of years. Its been an amazing experience with opportunities to interview people who shape our futures.

I have a background in art and right now I am working in collage and paper art and mosiacs. I love finding misplaced objects, some would call junk, and giving them new life. I teach classes, write and just enjoy what each day has to offer.

Photography is still a strong part of my life. It’s another way of expressing my feelings and observing life around me.

One of my most rewarding activities? Raising and training Seeing Eye dogs. Being able to reach out and help another human that you have never met with a dog that gives them a better life is a wonderful feeling.

But no matter where I travel or what I do I have a love for the outdoors and it pulls me back to N.W. Pa., and to gardening.

There is a relaxation in gardening and watching plants grow. It’s a therapy in itself and a learning experience everyday.

Happy Gardening to all! Denise

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7 responses to “About”

  1. john95

    Hi Denise,
    First, I dont know if you have French roots, because Denise is a very used first name in France, I have 4 friends with your first name!
    For your post, I have to tell you that I dont know a thing about it!
    In france we say: La terre est basse, ground in very low and it’s hert’s ( ake ) your back!! :o))
    But I am very interesting to learn about everything, your post is good to me, Thank you.
    Other thing if you may:
    You site looks very nice to me, I just begin!

    Good luck and life to you. Continue it’s a pleasure for me to read from you, and like Mike said I will become an expert in gardening!! :o))
    Kindest regards,

  2. admin

    I agree with you, gardening can be hard on the back. Thats why I do a lot of raised beds and wall gardens.

    Thank you for your kind remarks and I enjoy your site also! Denise

  3. Chris Lareau

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now and just wanted to say thanks for brightening up the internet. I also write a blog at http://conewangoavenue.typepad.com/alleghenyalmanac/ and would enjoy incorporating some of your work in it too as the blog is about the Warren, Pennsylvania area. Any ideas?

  4. Chris Lareau

    OK! I figured out how to post the titles (with links) of your most recent blogs. The feature appears in the left hand sidebar of http://conewangoavenue.typepad.com/alleghenyalmanac/

    Let me know if this is OK. Any chance I could run some of your blogs as part of my blog? I would need your permission of course. Each one would have a link directly to Gardener’s Rake.

    Let me know what you think and keep writing!

  5. Denise

    Hi Chris,
    This is fine and yes, feel free to run any of my blogs. I have a few on Kinzua and the conewango creek and several more about the russell/warren area coming up.
    I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. This area is so rich in history, I actually have an old idian trail that runs the back of my property. Denise

  6. Sandy Austin

    Hi Denise
    I’m all for ‘recession’ tips and although the worst hasn’t struck us yet, decided this year to grow my own. I concentrated on salad greens, tomatoes, capsicums, chillies and herbs only as I live very close to market gardens offering fruit and vegetables at cheaper prices than supermarkets. It’s been satisfying, fun – and very productive! The vege patch was a base of weedmatting on top of which was a layer of compost and potting mix. At the end of the season, the soil is cleared of weeds (yes, they do happen). The next spring, I add a few more bags of soil and compost. The seedlings are around $NZ2 a tray and its money well spent!
    Hey – love the addition of my pic of the kahikatea seeds on your free seeds section. At this time of year, its like a Christmas tree with millions of little colourful lights.
    Cheers from New Zealand

  7. Denise

    Your garden sounds great and I am glad you enjoyed the inclusion of the photo. (great photo) I like the design, Denise

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