Add a Color Theme garden to your yard

Theme gardens add interest to your yard and just create new flair to your garden areas. They also can create a larger look to a small backyard. Yellow gardens
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One theme garden garden twist is a Color Theme Garden. The garden can be restful or a place that energizes and inspires. You can choose a color for a season, your favorite color or base the garden on an overall theme.

Even though my color theme garden changes each year I still use a tree in the background for light contrast and often will include container shrubs for added color and texture. And there is always a piece of new garden art to create dimension and interest

Designing a Color Theme Garden

  • Consider the purpose of your garden and select a color or several closely related colors that will fulfill that purpose.  Youe will also want to take into consideration the design and cost.
  • First I draw a garden design using graph paper. I often use cut patterns for trees and shrubs then work with different size shapes of colors to get a feel for what I want.
  • Put a small tree or large shrub in the back. Choose a tree that flowers in the color you want for your garden. If you’re working with a large space, several trees or shrubs can form the backbone of your design. If your design will stay the same from year to year I would go with several trees and shrubs. By choosing carefully you can keep color and texture in this garden the better part of the year.
  • Next add smaller shrubs and perennials to your design. By looking online or asking at your local nursery and greenhouses you can select plants that will have color or flowers from spring until fall.
  • For added color, flair and to fill in any holes select a few annuals for your design. Or think out of the box and add vegetables.
  • Last but not least add garden art that complements your design. Garden art is an unlimited area limited only by your imagination. I have one friend who changes the garden art each week and their garden is always an adventure.

Also, one of the most successful color theme gardens I ever saw was planted all in containers and created on a balcony. So, small spaces make great gardens too!

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