Add a Meditation Garden to your yard. Make your own Utopia.

Meditation gardens add a relaxing feel to your yard and are wonderful for parties and watching birds, sunrises and sunsets. Meditation gardens should be set up with relaxing colors and fragrant flowers. A fountain is also a nice touch. snowy garden meditative bookmark
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As with any garden I put in, a meditation garden should be easy to maintain. You want to spend you time enjoying the garden not weeding and watering.

When setting up a meditation garden keep these tips in mind.

  • Allow paths in your garden to flow freely and follow the natural curves of the landscape. Straight paths encourage energy to flow too quickly. If you have a straight path, allow some plants to grow on the path to slow the movement of energy.
  • Surround your property with curved fences or stone wall and avoid the straight line.
  • Line the back of your garden with trees or large shrubs. This will provide protection and privacy. Use trees that have rounded leaves to keep the energy flow.
  • Plant trees or large bushes on each side of your door for protection.
  • Keep balance in your yard by planting vegetation that varies in size.
  • add garden art to please the eye and relax the soul 
  • Enhance yin, or feminine energy, by installing water features in your yard.
  • Brighten the darker areas of the garden by installing solar lights along paths or along the edge of gardens. This also enhances yang, or masculine energy, in the yard. Flowing Stream so bubbly
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There are many styles of meditation gardens. They can be simple, structured or very private. But most important they need to be relaxing and your personality and needs will help to shape the meditation garden you create.

Creating relaxing living spaces in your garden will draw the family into the backyard and be a great place for friends and family to gather. I have always thought my yard is my haven away from work and the world. And I always have a special corner of my garden that is my hideaway and meditation area.

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