Add a Stone Walkway to your Yard

There are many styles of walkways and paths but one of the most popular is a stone walkway. They are beautiful, blend in with most yards and will last a lifetime. A stone walkway is relatively easy and should not take more than a day to do. To me the part of this project that is the most fun is collection the rocks.

Where to start

Prepare the area by digging out a trench where you want to install your stone walkway. If possible add a small curve or curves to the walk. It gives the path an inviting look.  Put the dirt form the trench aside to use later. The trench needs to be deep enough to accommodate the stones so measure the stones and then dig accordingly. You may choose just to lay the stones in the trench.

Start at one end and fit the stones as closely as possible together. The stones will be slightly odd shapes so they will not fit together perfectly. Try to match the shapes up as well as you can.

You can cut the stones for a better fit if you want. Use a pencil or chalk to draw a line on the stone and then trim off the unneeded piece using a brick hammer.

Continue laying the stones and cutting and fitting stones as needed until the trench is filled. At this point, walk on the walkway to make sure none of the stones wobble. If any do, tamp them down in place or fill in the wobble with dirt that you removed from the trench.

Finish the installation of stone walkway by adding dirt to the joints where the flagstones come together. Wet the walkway and dirt with your garden hose, then fill in again with more dirt. Wetting the dirt helps pack it in between the rocks and study the path.

The recent stone walkway that I helped build took about 70 rocks. The rocks were collected from the roadside and a ravine on my property.  The project took a few days.

This makes a fun family project and adds charm to your yard.

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