African Violets, How to care for the African Violet

My aunt grows the most amazing African Violets. Her one room that has proper lighting (northern lighting) is full of these beautiful plants.

From seeing my Aunts collection, I remember thinking when I was younger, I had to have theses plants. So when I rented my first apartment, I picked up an African violet and promptly killed it in a matter of weeks! So I headed to my Aunt to learn how to properly care for this plant.

If you learn a few tips African Violets are easy to care for and just as easy to start new plants from.

  • African violets are originally from warm dry climates so they thrive in a humid atmosphere and moist soil. Its important to remember though the soil should be moist but not soggy. I water my Violets when the soil surface begins to dry out. I also use lukewarm water.
  • Feed the plants with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer every month except for in the winter months. This will help give you plants with many flowers.
  • African violets will bloom nearly year round when they have the proper growing conditions. They thrive in temperatures between 60-75 degrees. If the temperatures are much higher or lower they might stop growing and blooming. African Violets do not do well in areas with a chill so if you have them near a window in the winter make sure there is not a draft and that none of the leaves touch the window.
  • African violets will bloom more freely when their roots are a bit crowded. If you plan to repot the plant spring or early summer is the best time. And buy the African violet soil. Its the proper mix for retaining moisture and is really a must for these plants.

If you have a plant that is not doing well, cover it with a clear plastic bag. This gives the plant a mini greenhouse to rest and recover in. They will love the additional humidity and you can bring back the plant to a healthy blooming showpiece.

African Violets are one of my favorites. The soft leaves and the wide variety of color in the flowers make them a stunning plant.

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