Amish Country – The search for reasonable priced and unusual plants

With the garden season under way I realized I needed a few more plants. Looking for reasonable prices and unique plants I decided a trip to Amish country and their wonderful greenhouses would be the perfect solution.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Creative Commons License photo credit: dougtone

Amish country is like stepping back 50 to 100 years in the past. As I traveled the dirt road, and I mean narrow dirt roads with buggy tracks and dust flying 15 foot high, I enter the heartland of our Amish country. I pass several lumber mills, a hand made furniture shop and a toyshop. The store with handmade quilts and weaving supplies is around the corner and then I will arrive at the greenhouses.

I have shopped at the Amish greenhouses for years. They have a great selection of heirloom tomatoes that I cannot find anywhere else and different flowers. They usually have baked good or homemade jellies and jams and besides the atmosphere is fun.

The one greenhouse business had several greenhouses spread out amoung their own gardens. Sheds with character add to the scenic view. Top that off with chickens, puppies and 20 or more small children and it’s a sight to see.

My trip was successful. I bought two flats of plants that will complete my spring planting and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Amish horse and buggies, farmhouses and sheds for maple syrup and old mills added to the trip. The one school was also letting out and children with bare feet were running up the road to help in the gardens or play.

Red Flowers and a Horse Shoe
Creative Commons License photo credit: Bob Jagendorf

A trip to Amish country always remind me of simpler times and kicking back and taking time to enjoy the sunny days and quiet times. I also grew up on one of those winding dusty dirt roads so the day brought back many memories.

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3 responses to “Amish Country – The search for reasonable priced and unusual plants”

  1. Chris Lareau

    How do you get there?

  2. Denise

    Hi Chris,
    Take rt 62 north to rt 957. You will take a left. The road goes by Eisenhower high school.
    At the lander intersection (around 8 miles) take a left onto Miller rd. Its about 1 1/2 miles or a bit more and you will see Cemetary road on the left. Turn there. Next you want Lindell road. Its a right hand turn. I am not sure of the distance on that road 1/2 mile to one mile? I think its the second house and sits on the left. There is no sign by the road so you might pass it, but the greenhouses are more obvious after you go by 😉
    The second greenhouse is on rt 957 past Sugar Grove. Just leaving Sugar Grove and going toward Corry/Columbus. Its should be about 1/2 mile to 3/4 miles and the road is on the right. There is a greenhouse sign. It starts out as a paved road and goes to dirt. Very scenic……. Its about 3 to 4 miles. Greenhouse is on the left.
    Let me know about you adventure. (Theres also a cider mill in the fall thats great to go to) Denise

  3. Chris Lareau

    Thanks. I am looking forward to it.

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