Apartment Gardening – Choosing the right container

An apartment garden needs careful planning to make it work successfully indoors. What you are trying to accomplish is growing the vegetables, herbs and flower you want plus making proper use out of your available small space.

If you have a place to trellis a few plants vines, squash and cucumber will do well planted this way and take up very little space. You can grow tomatoes on a vine or in a hanging basket. Herbs and different types of greens grow well on windowsills. Just take a look at your apartment or patio if you have one and check the lighting available.

After you have chosen the types of plants you want to grow the next step is choosing the right container for each plant.

Choosing a planting container.

You need to take into consideration how big the plant will get when it is full grown. If you chose a container that does not have enough room for the plants roots when it is full grown you will stifle its growth and may affect its health.

Containers must be able to drain properly so that the roots do not get water logged. Make sure there is a drainage hole and place the plants on trays to catch the extra water. I also use pebbles on all my trays to keep the water that runs out of the containers away from the roots and soil. The pebbles also act as a humidifier when there is water circulating around them. Most plants enjoy having humidity in the air around them.

You can add personality and color to your apartment with different colored pots and hanging baskets. Get creative and have fun by selecting a few containers that are different from the normal container. Grow a vine in an old boot. Use an old cooking pot to grow your herbs in.

One other thing to take into consideration is the cost of planters, pots and hanging baskets. Be kind to your wallet and visit garage sales, the Salvation Army, and thrift stores for good buys. I would also check your cupboard and closet for items that would work. As I have always said, “If it holds dirt, it can be a planter!”

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2 responses to “Apartment Gardening – Choosing the right container”

  1. Hi, Marty here!
    Yes, anything that holds soil can be used as a container. One plant that loves to grow in almost anything is the lovely Orchid. Orchids like to have their roots compacted, but must drain freely and have constant humidity.
    In Australia most Orchids are grown in semi-shade, but in Asia many varieties grow in the full sun.
    You can use an old boot, palm leaf, tin can, whatever tickles your fancy really.
    Happy Gardening Marty

  2. Denise

    I would like to grow orchids. I have never tried.

    I also believe anything can be a container. It makes gardening more fun! Denise

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