Apartment Gardening – Gardening in small spaces

Do you live in an apartment?

You can still plant a variety of fresh flowers, vegetable and herbs. There are many varieties of plants that adapt easily to being grown in containers, window boxes and patio beds.

There are also mini varieties of plants and trellising techniques for bigger plants. With proper planning there is very little you cannot grow in a container.

Many apartments have a small or medium size patio that is perfect for apartment gardening. If you don’t have a patio you can place your containers in the sunlight of a window. Southern or western lighting is the best but other lighting will do and you can always use artificial lighting if necessary

There are also plants that flourish in the shade. A garden center or good gardening book will help you find these plants.

You can save more space in your apartment gardening by growing vertical plants or if you have a fence growing crops along the fence and train them to climb up. Hanging baskets can also be used for herbs, vegetables and fruit. I always like an inverted tomato plant in a container with herbs and flower growing form the top. I also like mixing dainty flowers with strawberries.

One thing you will have to take into account is that some flowers attract insects and some will actually repel some insects. Geraniums and Marigolds are two examples. If your plan your garden properly you will be able to control insects with plants.

An indoor garden will give you fresh food and flowers. I also think it makes an apartment look bigger and more inviting with the added textures and colors.

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2 responses to “Apartment Gardening – Gardening in small spaces”

  1. Roger

    What all kind of vegetables can you grow? Corn?

  2. Denise

    Corn, cucumbers, squash, just about anything. I had a friend who lived in New Orleans that grew cotton and peanuts.

    Grow corn in a container that can sit in a corner and add a squash plant and some beans. You cousl also add radsihes and greens if you wanted. Denise

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