Artistic Windowbox Garden- Garden Art

Windowsill gardens can be many things. Large and complicated, set up as a theme,  small and dainty or totally different.

I saw a unique windowsill garden outside of a restaurant one year and had to go home and make my own version of it. It was a windowbox made out an arrangement of porcelain plates, cups and saucers.

How many of us have extra plate sets and spare cups? It’s a great way to use them.

This arrangement was made by setting the larger plates in the back and smaller plates and cups placed artistically in the window box. Height was added to the plates and cups by placing a layer of blocks in the bottom and putting the cups and plates on top. I just played with arranging the items until they looked interesting.

I used several different colors and a few cups with garden designs on them. I had a small teapot that matched some of the cups and sat that in the back. I placed salt and pepper shakers in front of the box and added a few seashell in the box along with a twisted piece of driftwood.

If you pack the plates and cups in tight you can do the box without a filler, but I used a mossy fill to make the plates look like they were sitting in soil or grass. I have seen pebbles and glass pieces used too.

Make sure there are drainage holes in the windowbox, and I put small rocks in there to help with any drainage. The box drained well althought it sat where it did not really get wet unless the wind was whipping.

This display has lasted for years. I change the color of the plates and add a few pieces to make it look different. One year I sat in big forks and spoons. Its just a fun windowbox that gets a lot of comments and it easy to take care of.

I used about five large plates, eight small plates, and 10 cups. One teapot and one pair of salt and pepper shakers rounded out the dinner service. At times small figurines and other porcelain pieces could be found in the windowbox. The whole idea of this box was that it was fun and would get comments.

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