Assemble a Fast Garden with Found Items – Dresser Drawer Garden

As always I end up with too many plants. This year it’s rescued plants that needed a home and I have run out of gardening space. I will throw a “cheaters garden” together in a few days but until then I spent to day assembling a dresser drawer garden. It’s fast, easy and can be moved if needed. It also has a fun look and will cheer up a yard quickly.

I have a spot in the front yard area that will be landscaped in a few weeks but now it’s rather homely and has a lost look. I also rescued 7 wooden drawers from a built in dresser in a home that was going to be torn down. They are great drawers but with no frame, they need another purpose. So they will make a great temporary garden.

I drilled holes for drainage in the bottoms of each drawer and added a mix of compost and soil. I happened to have fancy wire legs and attached them to the drawers and varied the height.

Note: Anything you have from driftwood pieces to stumps or even sitting them on the ground will work

I had Irises, Black Eyed Susan’s, Chinese Lanterns, and Bee Balm Plants that needed a home. I also had Vinca Vine and a few extra annual flowers so I mixed and matched the plants and watered them well.

The project took me about 1½ hours and I have had many comments on the look. My plants have a home until I decide where to put them and I will probably save the drawers and use them again next year.

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