Backyard Picnic Ideas

Backyard picnics are both convenient and fun. Enjoying a picnic at home will give you the opportunity to enjoy your garden areas.

Here are several ideas for fast and easy picnic.

Brown Bag Lunch Picnic
People enjoy a brown bag lunch, especially children. Make a simple lunch of sandwiches or mini subs, sliced fruit and a bottle of water or juice. You may want to add a cupcake as a dessert. Place each lunch in a brown bag; label the bag with the guest’s name. You may want to play a few family games such as horseshoes, ring toss or volleyball. When the fun is over, have each guest find his or her bag and find a shady spot to eat lunch. The exercise will build up an appetite and relax everyone.

Pot luck Picnics
Place several tables in your yard and cover with tablecloths. If you do not have enough tables or cloths, ask to borrow some or rent them from a local party store or your local firehall. Decorate each table with a vase of flowers, a napkin and cutlery. Get creative with the vases. As long as they will hold water, they can be a vase.

If the picnic is in the evening add a few tea light candles for ambiance. These will look great hanging from trees or along walkways. Hang white Christmas lights to create an even more magical feel to your picnic party.

It will also help if you prepare a buffet area (preferably indoors to avoid attracting insects.) A screened in canopy will also work well if you have one. Keeping the food in another area will keep the tables clear.

Picnic on a Quilt
This is a great idea if you have a wooded area or a pond. Spread quilts or blankets on your lawn to accommodate your guests. Use throw pillows to add comfort. Add lawn chairs for those who do not wish to sit on the ground. Scatter a few tables about for holding food. You can even place a serving tray, large platter or plate in the center of the quilts for a vase of flowers, salt and pepper shakers and any other condiments or decorations.

Junk Food picnic
Picnics are fun but if your rushed for time or it’s a spur of the moment plan you may not have time to create a menu. That’s when the local pizza shop or your favorite fast food restaurant is the perfect solution. You can either have it delivered if you live in an area with delivery or make a dash to the restaurant once company has arrived. We often order pizza but have everyone bring a salad or dessert.

If you are celebrating one of the summer holidays add a few holiday decorations, re-arrange your flowers or add new flowers for a fresh look. Consider adding night lights or making luminary lights to add atmosphere to the evening.

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