Beauty surrounds us: Secret Gardens are everywhere

Many people ask me why I garden and why the outdoors calls to me.

The answer is realt very simple. There is a beauty that appears with each sunrise and sunset. Even in the rain, which we have had too much of lately, there is a peace and the promise of drier weather and hope for better days. The simple work of digging in the soil and watching a new plant grow reminds me that there is more to life than schedules and a fast paced life.

This video reminds me of the morings in my back yard as the fog lifts off the creek and the sun promises us a new day. We find comfort in the things in our lives that are consistant but find joy in change. And the scenery around us is varied and beautiful throughout the year.

Gardening offers both the beauty and wonder of plants and the color and change they go through in their short growing season. It’s always amazing. Happy gardening to all, Denise

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One response to “Beauty surrounds us: Secret Gardens are everywhere”

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful song and it compliments your thoughts on gardening and the outdoors.

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