Bringing home a new plant. How to help the plant adjust.

It’s difficult for me to go downtown and pass up on the wonderful indoor plants I see, particularly by the holidays. My house seems to cry for color and a new plant. I again fell prey to the new plant syndrome and brought home the last lonely looking Christmas Cactus in the plant section. Holiday Cactus
Creative Commons License photo credit: gurdonark

As with any new plant it takes time to adjust to its new home. In a home this usually means a drier climate, warmer climate and reduced lighting. When choosing a plant it’s wise to take into account all of these conditions and buy a plant that will fit, but these impulse buys or more selective plants sometimes create challenges.

Plant leaves loose water more quickly in a house than in a greenhouse so your plants may loose a few leaves the first two weeks. This may also be a sign that you need more light for the plant.

So for the first week or two water your plant more than you normally would but make sure you don’t water until the soil is soggy. It should be moist to the touch but not wet. I like to spray it more than water it, as the leaves are what usually lack the water first. I also set all my plants on pebble trays to help with humidity. And if I buy a plant that looks a little sad I use a plastic bag over it to help give it a greenhouse effect for the first week. I find this helps the plant to adjust to its new home quicker.

Lat but not least, even if the plant is a sun lover I keep it out of direct sunlight for the first week.

My Christmas cactus is sitting in its own little plastic greenhouse climate and seems to be doing fine. I will know for sure next week

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