Build a Window Greenhouse

Window Greenhouses are becoming very popular and I must admit I have several. A window greenhouse will extend your growing season and makes it possible to have fresh greens, herbs and a few vegetables within walking distance. I also like a window greenhouse for starting certain seeds.

You can decide to buy a window green house that sits indoors or is attached to the outside of the window and you access it from the inside. The greenhouse attached to the outside of the window usually receives more light but takes more time to build. You can make your own mini greenhouse with a few supplies. Below are hints for creating your own Window Greenhouse.

Window Greenhouse

  • Measure the height, width, and depth of inside window casing. Decide on number of shelves based on height of plants plus 1-3 inches. Use a 1″ x 6″ (or narrower) piece of wood and cut three shelves 3/4″ shorter than window’s width. You will want to sand the pieces and remove the dust.
  • Next cut four pieces of 3/8″ sisal rope the height of window opening plus 25 inches. Cut eight 30″ pieces of matching twine. Note: Ropes should be no more than 30″ apart. You may need to add more rope if you feel you need more support. It’s best to have more support than needed and not enough.
  • Use a 1/2″ bit to drill four holes in each shelf. Drill the holes 1inch from edges and 3 inches from ends. Sand holes to remove any wood splinters. Paint or stain the boards and coat with polyurethane to help prevent water stains and damage.
  • To hang your shelves, drill holes in top and bottom window casings 3 3/8″ from sides and 1″ in from front and back. Next install screw eyes large enough for the rope. Start at the bottom of the window and measure from the sill to the first shelf. Add 5inches and put a knot in the rope. Insert the ropes through the holes in the board. Repeat this process for each shelf, leaving 5″ at top. Level the board and the shelving unit you have created.
  • Finally, loop the rope ends through the top screw eyes and turn ends down 5″. Knot the twine around the sisal. Wrap tightly 10 times. Tuck the ends in and hot glue in place to secure. You will want to secure bottom of ropes in same way.

Your window greenhouse is ready to add plants to. If you select colorful pots and a few clear color glass pots for any cutting you are starting, you can create a very artistic planting area and raise plants for everyday use.

As mentioned above,  the window greenhouse that is built outside takes more time to build and costs more for materials but will give you more of a greenhouse effect. So if you need more light for your plants or more control over the climate and humidity the outside greenhouse is the best choice.

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3 responses to “Build a Window Greenhouse”

  1. Linda

    I have two window greehouses and I raise all the green vegetables and spouts I can use in one. The other I have house plants. It add to the house and makes me forget its still cold outside.

  2. Greenhouses Plans

    An outside window greenhouse seems perfect for herbs but I think I would still prefer a full size greenhouse for growing larger selections and vegetables.

  3. Denise

    I perfer a full size greenhouse too but sometimes you just don;t have the room for one or if its a bad winter the window greenhouse is better than nothing. Denise

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