Build a Garden Faerie House With Old Windows

There are many people who are drawn to the garden lore of fairies and how they protect and live in beautiful gardens. By planting certain flowers and adding garden art gardeners create a garden that will lure fairies into their gardens. I have seen faerie gardens, faerie chairs and now a faerie house. HPMD Sky Garden
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A faerie house is said to be “a gateway through which our fairy friends enter our gardens.” By creating houses for them, we create a way for the fairies to use to visit our world. And in thanks the fairies will tend the gardens and help them thrive.

There are many types of faerie houses, from a simple style to intricate lavish. They add fun and wonder to a backyard garden area and assembling a faerie house is fun for adults and children alike. This would make a great family project and help interest children in gardening. We have fairies at the bottom of our garden
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These adorable glass faerie houses look beautiful setting in any garden. Sometimes small furniture or plants are added to the interior of the house. And to blend the faerie house into your backyard garden area, add a mini garden or fairy chair and the yard will take on an enchanted feeling.

Fairy House : supplies you will need

  • 7- square foraged or used windows
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver 4 Large wood balls (for feet of house)

Collect your free or foraged windows together. The windows will need to be the same size. I pick up windows along curbsides and at garage and auctions. Construction sites may also be able to help you. I also look for windows that show a little wear – peeling paint or a few colors.

Clean the window and frame. I like to scrap off loose paint and lightly add a smudge of color to the frame with a cloth. This will give the frame an older look and more character. Choose a color that will compliment your backyard and flowers. bleeding heart joy
Creative Commons License photo credit: zedzap

The next step in building your faerie house is to create the structure. Start by screwing the four windows together using one screw at the top and one screw at the bottom of each window. This will form a square block. Attach another window to the bottom of the block by using one screw on each of the four sides. Tip: to make the screws easier to get into the frame I use a drill to start a hole.

While box is bottom side up, screw or hot glue the wooden balls to the bottom of the box. This creates legs for the faerie house. (You can also use old legs off furniture or wood blocks.) Turn the box over onto its legs.

Screw or hot glue the last two windows together to form a “V”. If you have hinges I would suggest using two of those on the inside of the frame. I think they are easier to use and make a stronger attachment. Turn the “V” over and hot glue or screw or hot glue the windows to the top of the box to form the roof of the faerie house. If you use hot glue, add a small decorative brace to the roof. It just fortifies the structure of the house.

This will leave you with two openings in the roof to decorate the inside of the fairy house if you wish. Candles, a small potted plant, mini furniture, or even a mini rock garden will add flair to the faerie house.

Add the faerie house to a section of your yard that needs garden art or a focal point. And for more fun add night-lights in the area.

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4 responses to “Build a Garden Faerie House With Old Windows”

  1. Laurali Duplechain

    So excited to find these directions…can’t wait to get started.

  2. Denise

    This is a fun project and you can change the looks very easy with a little paint and fake chimney, etc….
    Have fun! Denise

  3. Lori Marlin

    OMG!!!! my idea I have built a pond and it has a fairy that holds a flower and spits water across the mid of my garden, that so far has all the sedum and lithops i can find, i just added some mums of all color and placed them like crazy, then i have throw which we get at our beach, agates very bright and shiney for that magical look, I have been on ebay for a week flat bidding and buying every darn Bleeding heart loves lies bleeding the bat plant to the wonder egg plant, and the love in the mist another awsome plant to use, I got mostly greens whites and purple sept the hearts i own all but the king he is next, I love this theme im so surpiised i found this spot today , people into my newest hobbie, good luck can we post pics i have a pond page on face book is Ponds Waterfalls and plants…. or (Lorica Marlin) thankx for letting me jump in , this is awsome….

  4. Lori Marlin

    Oh i forgot to add, I have planted as well stumps of old red woods and wood boxes my husband makes for me with moss and am planting ferns of our back yard wild and then as well wild straberries, its beautiful, you guys its a great touch to this crazy adventure…..good luck to all

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