Category: flowers

  • The Rose and its meaning.

    The rose is a favorite of many gardeners and has a rich history, both in plant culture and garden lore. Varieties include rose bushes, vines, and indoor miniature rose plants.

  • Iris bulbs and how to divide them

    Iris is the name of a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Iridaceae. The various Iris species have showy and beautiful flowers, which make them popular in gardens and in floral arrangements. This article will give you information and dividing tips.

  • The Fall Chrysanthemum Flower Garden

    For an easy to set up garden you may want to plant an all chrysanthemum flower garden. Between the varied colors and the different flower head types (spoon, pompom, single, reflexed, intermediate and incurved) you will have a simple to set up but elegant garden.

  • How to Grow Canterbury Bell Flowers

    By starting perennials, such as Canterbury Bells, from seed in the fall you will have plants that are ready to bloom next year. The plants will be small with only a years growth but they will have flowers – if you start them in the fall.