Category: garden crafting

  • Collecting Fall leaves for crafting uses

    Leaves will be turning in NW Pa in the next few weeks and across many of the other states. Fall is both a beautiful time and a great time to use those leaves for the garden, yard and crafting uses. Leaves can make a wonderful addition to many craft projects and artwork.

  • Create a Birdhouse Planter for your Garden

    It seems the active gardener never has as many planters as they could use, so finding containers and creating planters can be a fun and create project for you and often the entire family. It’s a project children will enjoy and learn from.

  • How to make a Luminary Gourd

    Having a leftover supply of dried gourds from the last few years’ crops I was looking for a new craft idea. I also needed evening lights for the backyard so it was time to look for a crafting luminary project.

  • Make An Easy Coffee Can Herb Garden

    Metal coffee cans often can be found at garden sales, auctions and even your home. With just a little effort, you can turn that empty can into a useful and pretty handmade gift for your friends and family. Or use it yourself for an herbal container garden.