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  • Gardening as Art – Meet Diana Mead – Artist and Gardener

    I read this story online and wanted to share it. To me gardening and art go hand in hand. It’s a visual and emotional expression plus you have the benefits of fresh garden produce Monet painted his water gardens for years and experimented with plants and lighting to create beautiful painting and a stunning garden. […]

  • Garden Therapy – Garden Art – Zen Gardens

    One of the most popular Zen Gardens is the Zen rock garden of the Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. It is a United Nations World Heritage site and if you have not experienced the garden there is no way to explain the feeling you get of peace and serenity. How could a simple garden with […]

  • Gardening as Therapy and gift to the community

    There was an article written in the Eureka Reporter in Eureka, Calif., about Marylee Bytheriver  who lives in Eureka. It was publish November 3o, 2007. Its all about Ms. Bytheriver and her garden and how she enjoys working the property. When she and her husband first purchased the property there was no garden and not […]

  • Flower Therapy – An Approach to the “Art of Healing”

    Exercise, fresh air and watching plants grow are only a few of the relaxing healthy benefits of gardening. And with flower gardening you have the beautiful colors and aroma that is relaxing after a stressful day. For me the challenge of laying out gardens and combining color, shape and textures add to the enjoyment. Throw […]