Category: gardening tips

  • Rainy Day Gardening Ideas

    Even on a rainy day there is always a garden project that can be planned or started. It may be planning, repotting or creating garden art. But often these small tasks are overlooked on sunny days so a rainy day makes the perfect time to do mini garden tasks

  • How to plan The First Time Garden

    If you plan on gardening for the first time here are a few ideas to help make your garden experience fun and successful.

  • How to Make Indoor Plant Soil

    Garden soil is for sale most months of the year, even in my cold area, but I tend to repot a lot of plants and start cuttings or seeds so I make my own soil. Here’s my Betty Crocker soil mix recipe.

  • Stop Kudzu Before It Takes Over

    Kudzu is almost everywhere you look in many parts of the U.S. It covers trees, buildings, fences and telephone poles–as much as seven million acres. It spreads at a rate of 120,000 acres a year. Fortunately there are ways to kill Kudzu before it takes over your yard, but you need to take action now.