Category: gardening tips

  • Recycling tip for container gardening

    I enjoy recycling materials in gardening when I can. The money I save on gardening supplies can be put toward new plants and seeds. This week in my garden recycling projects I picked up garden pots, some of which will need repaired. With all the perennial plants I start I need all the containers I…

  • Preparing your Lawn for October Weather

    October is your last chance to get your lawn in good condition for the rigors of next summer. If you haven’t already fertilized your lawn this fall, do it now, using any complete commercial fertilizer.

  • Tips on How to use a Root Cellar

    It’s the end of the growing season for most of us so its time to plan how to properly store your garden produce. Many people can and freeze produce but a root cellar is another practical and economical way to store food.

  • Controlling Powdery Mildew Organically

    Powdery mildew is a problem that plagues many gardens. With a little planning and a careful eye on the garden you can stop this problem or end it quickly if it occurs.