Category: greenhouses/coldframes

  • Homemade Aluminum Window Hothouse

    By using a hot house I can start my tomato plants outdoors at least a month early. Here is a cheap and easy hothouse you can set up.

  • Create an indoor Greenhouse

    Indoor greenhouses offer the gardener a place to create a more climate-controlled area for plants. Whether this is for tropical plants, ailing plants or seedlings, or just for the fun of it; the indoor greenhouse will give you a new gardening experience. With use you will master how to grow successfully indoors.

  • Build a Window Greenhouse

    Window greenhouses can be easy to set up and will provide fresh produce or great space for indoor plants. This article will help you create one.

  • Straw Bale Gardening: pre-season

    You can start plants and seedling successfully using a straw bale cold frame. Later you can use this smale area for a mini small space garden, it will be all ready to go.