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  • Easily Grow Your Herbs Indoors

    Herbs are the leaves and flowers of low-growing woody plants that do not have a trunk, that have stems growing from the base. Examples of herbs are licorice, parsley, chives, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, dill and celery. Herbs can be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from culinary, medicinal, perfumery and other needs.…

  • Herbal kitchen Garden Contest Rules

    Rules for the Herbal Kitchen Garden Contest. Contest runs Sept 27 – Sept 11th. Sponsored by The Gardeners rake and hometown seeds.

  • Herbal Kitchen Garden

    A kitchen garden brightens any home, is easy to set up and has many benefits – especially for seasoning those family recipes. The Gardener’s Rake is hosting an Herbal Kitchen Garden contest with Hometown Seeds supplying a wonderful prize of an “Herbal Kitchen Garden”

  • Harvesting and freezing herbs

    Growing herbs add to any garden and landscape. They have beauty that add to any garden and also provide uses for crafting, culinary and medicinal care. Herbs have a wide harvesting season. It will depend on your climate and herb variety that you are growing.