Category: herbs

  • Herbs for Natural Insect Control

    Herbs can be used for natural remedies for pest control in the gardens and backyard. Recipe is included in article.

  • How to Dry Herbs Successfully

    There are several ways to store herb that you have grown in your garden. Freezing and drying are the most popular forms of storage. I dry most of my herbs

  • Build your own Hydroponic system cheaply.

    This you Tube shows how to build a hydroponic growing system. Hydroponic growing gives you wholesome fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers year round. They grow very healthy, have less health issues and take less space. The only considerations is the cost of setting it up, the chemicals needed to nourish the plants and proper lighting.…

  • Teaberries or Partridge berry plant information

    Teaberries have always been a favorite plant of mine. Here is a description of the plant. This description of the partidge berry also know as teaberry is directly from the Federal United States Forest Sevice website Partridge Berry (Mitchella repens L.) aLso know as Teaberry Partridge Berry is a member of the Madder Family…