Category: indoor plants

  • Going green with house plants

    Indoor plants help to clean the air in the home, which is even more important with more home being sealed up to prevent heat loss. Here are varieties that help with air toxins.

  • How to Purchase an Indoor Plant

    Growing plants indoors brings the feel of the lush outdoors into your home. This is particular beneficial in the winter months when many feel “cabin Fever.” Plants that may require more care or a controlled environment will also do best in an indoor environment.

  • Your favorite indoor plant?

    We’re trying something different at The Gardeners Rake. Send me a comment, story or a question about indoor plants and lets see where it leads.

  • Six Indoor Plants That Love The Dark

    The Aspidistra, commonly known as the Cast Iron plant is a plant that will beautify any dark room or room corner. Many gardening experts describe the Aspidistra as one of the toughest and most adaptable house plants.