Category: organic gardening

  • As the Garden Grows so does The Gardener’s Rake.

    Fall is a time when most gardeners are putting their gardens to bed and dreaming of the new seed catalogs that will fill their mailboxes. But here at The Gardener’s Rake the website is being revamped, please be patient – It’s getting a major wake up call and overhaul. In the last few years I…

  • How to Treat Plant Diseases Organically

    During the dog days of summer plant disease tend to thrive. With a little care and watching your plants you should be able to cure any disease that could damage or kill vegetables, fruits or landscape plants. Any plant can fall victim to some type of plant disease. But before you resort to drastic measures…

  • Hay Bale Gardening Techniques

    Hay bale gardening has many advantages. Its easy on the back. You don’t have to dig the soil and its a great method to use if your soil is poor.

  • Natural Insect Control Recipes and Tips

    Here are some natural pest control sprays that are not harmful to good insects or birds. There is even a unique way to control cabbage worms in this article.