Category: raised bed gardening

  • Tips for stopping small animals from destroying your garden crops

    Fencing can add peace of mind to the gardener if he lives in an area where small animals thrive and enjoy those moonlight meals of lettuce, cabbage and carrots. I have fenced my gardens but there are times fencing is not an option. Here are a few tips that will help keep animals out of […]

  • Organic Gardening – How to Improve your Soil Easily

    One of the best ways to improve your soil quality is to build raised beds. A raised bed can be anywhere from three inches high to 3-4 feet high. You can make edges for the beds to hold the soil in place or slant the soil and tamp in place. I myself prefer edging. The […]

  • Creative Gardening – Taking on and conquering Mother Nature

    How do you deal with weather changes?  In my Zone 5 climate, spring in particular can be a real challenge. It used to be you never planted in my area until May 31st if you wanted to make sure your crops were safe from frost.In the last few years out climate has changed, plus I […]

  • Creative Gardening – Spill Over Garden serves a purpose

    In my last post I mentioned a Spill over garden. Exactly what is a spill over garden? It can mean several different things but in my yard it’s a garden that has my extra plants, unique plants and foraged plants. You never know what may be growing in this garden. It never fails I […]