Category: Theme Gardens

  • Create an Irish Theme garden

    Ireland has lush gardens that cover acres. We all can’t have large gardens but you can create a “Touch of Irish” with a mini theme garden or a few additions to the yard.

  • Create a Harry Potter Theme Garden.

    Harry Potter books and movies have been a huge success around the world. And with the newest movie about to be released on July 17th, 2009, a Harry Potter theme garden might be a perfect addition to your garden. This could also encourage your children to take an interest in gardening.

  • Herbal Tea Gardens for indoors or outdoors

    Tea gardens add character, color and a plentiful supply of herbs for creating your own tea blends. I have also found tea gardens to be one of the easiest gardens to add your own flair or personality to.

  • Build a Garden Faerie House With Old Windows

    There are many people who are drawn to the garden lore of fairies and how they protect and live in beautiful gardens. By planting certain flowers and adding garden art gardeners create a garden that will lure fairies into their gardens.