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  • As the Garden Grows so does The Gardener’s Rake.

    Fall is a time when most gardeners are putting their gardens to bed and dreaming of the new seed catalogs that will fill their mailboxes. But here at The Gardener’s Rake the website is being revamped, please be patient – It’s getting a major wake up call and overhaul. In the last few years I…

  • The Advantages of Fall Tilling for Gardens

    Tilling a garden in the spring is a “must” for many gardeners. But fall is also a perfect time for tilling the garden area. If you choose to till in the fall the best time is right before the first frost. By tilling the garden in the fall you will work in any leftover and…

  • Vinegar Uses In the Garden and Yard

    Vinegar has many garden and yard uses that people are not aware of. With vinegar being environmentally friendly and cost effective it’s a great alternative to other products

  • How to bring a new houseplant home safely

    When you buy a plant at a store or greenhouse you really have no idea of how the plants was treated before you bought it. So baby it for a bit with these tips.