Category: vegetables

  • How to Bake Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds make a nutritional snack and are easy to prepare. And why throw away those seeds when you are carving your Halloween masterpiece or making a holiday pie?

  • Why Prune Tomato Plants

    Some people prune tomato plants and some just let them grow wild. So why might you want to prune your tomato plants?

  • Tomato Blight information and tips

    Tomatoes are one of gardener’s favorite crops to grow. And unfortunately they tend to be one of the most difficult crops. They need warm temperatures at night and even moisture. So if you have a “moody” summer, that means dry spells, wet spells and varying temperatures your tomatoes may suffer.

  • Green Beans vegetable facts and myths

    There’s an old wives tale that you never pick beans when they are wet. They say the beans get rust. Here are tips for picking and growing green beans.