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  • Create a Hypertufa Garden Container

    Make your own hypertufa container or garden pot for you backyard gardens and flowers. They take about an hour to create.

  • The Successful Indoor Garden

    This you tube shows a very successful indoor vegetable and flower garden. It proves that with proper lighting and care a garden will grow anywherre, even indoors.

  • Container Gardening – Silly Flowers

    Container gardening adds fun to a yard and garden areas. They liven up a patio and balcony area too. This you tube called silly flowers reminds me of how fun gardening can be.

  • Capturing the Beauty of Fall

    Fall has a way of reaching out with its bright colors and speaking to your soul. I find this time of year inspiring and so fleeting. I try to capture the colors with my camera and incorporate this into my artwork. That way I take a part of this wonderful time with me throughout the…