Celebrate Earth Day 2008 – Natural Beauty

Earth day will be April 22nd. As the world increases in population it’s important to take care of our planet and its natural wonders.

Think about celebrating Earth Day. Plant a plant or tree or even pick up the roadside. Our actions today affect tomorrow’s world.

Here’s a video that celebrates natures beauty set to Celtic music.

Join the Gardeners Rake for an Earth Day celebration starting Monday April 21st, 2008. The celebration begins Monday with an online course on how to build Square foot garden beds and set them up. These ideas can also be used in raised beds, container gardens and lasagna gardening. Happy Earth Day!

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One response to “Celebrate Earth Day 2008 – Natural Beauty”

  1. Mark The Anti Hype

    In honour of this my lawn mower will be out tomorrow for the first time this year and I’ll take the opportunity of digging over some overgrown areas in preparation for your instructions.

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