Celebrate Earth Day – Plant a Tree, Bush or Garden

As the environment changes and rural areas disappear and turn into suburbs or business districts its important to think of nature and what it offers us.

Earth Day will be April 22nd. Do you have any plans to plant a tree or add a little green into your neighborhood?

I have two peach trees to plant and cherry bushes. I would also like to add a few blueberry bushes. With berry bushes I always plant twice as many plants as I think I need. I plant some for the birds!

If you haven’t heard of cherry bushes they are more of a wild cherry. You can find them in catalogs and at select nurseries under the names of Hansen’s Cherry bushes or Nanking Cherry bushes. I grow a few of both varieties just to make sure I have good pollination.

I chose the bushes for ease of picking. I also have twice as many bushes as I feel I need so that the birds can feast and add a little fun to the back yard.

For the next two weeks, in celebration of earth day there will be posts dealing with how to plants trees and bushes and shrubs that are more wild but have edible fruit and feed the birds and small wildlife. One example of such a bush is the elderberry, an endangered bush in some areas where construction is clearing the land.

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