Celebrate Earth Day – Tips for a newly planted tree

Tips for a newly planted tree

Healthy trees need a good watering program. During the first week make sure the soil around the tree is moist at all times.

Save yourself time later and give the tree a nice look by adding mulch around the base of the tree. This will reduce weeds, make the tree easier to mow around and help retain moisture around tree. Be careful to keep at least six inches around the trunk uncovered so it gets plenty of water.

Its wise to stake most trees, even if you only stake it for the first year. If you have high winds and it rocks the tree too much the new roots on the tree, particularly near the surface, will break and slow down the trees growth and possibly affect its health.

Earth Day in April 22nd. The first Earth day was in 1970 and more than 20 million people participated that first year. Gaylord Nelson, United States Senator of Wisconsin, called for an Environmental Teach-in Day to be held on April 22, 1970.

More than 500 million people in 175 countries now celebrate it each year. Plant to join in and plant a tree or plant. Pick up a roadside or plan to practice a new form of recycling in your household. We only have one Earth, take care of it.

Here’s a very old fun Mickey Mose cartoon from the 1930’s. Its entitled “Disney Silly Symphony – Flowers And Trees. ”

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