Changing seasons in the garden: summer to fall color

I walked out the door today and I was hit by that fall feeling in the air. My first thought is that it was way too early. We have had a very strange summer her in NW PA. The gardens suffered and it made the season move along too quickly.

But I also noticed while out walking Nikea that all those hidden colors of fall are popping up. At this time of year you still have the bright colors of summer but the fall foliage and flowers are moving in too.

To perk up your gardens this is a great time to start dividing up certain perennials and adding new perennials.  It’s also the perfect time to get great prices on annuals and mums.

The local greenhouse will still have a few marigolds, dusty millers, red salvia and a new array of mums. The annuals are at give away prices now and will add new color to your gardens and depending on where you live a few more months of color. Often times at this time of year I will plant the newly purchased annuals in pots and containers so that I can bring them in on colder nights. They also can also be covered at night.

Our summer and fall seasons have varied a lot in the last few years so I am never sure when the first frost will be. Last year it was very later September and then we had another three weeks with frost free temperatures, which lead to a fall filled with color.

I think I will check out the garden centers tomorrow and see if I can find a great deal on plants and extend the color in the gardens. I might even find great deals on planters and garden art pieces.

Annual plants to look for for late planting: geraniums, marigolds, dusty miller, red salvia, flowering cabbage or mums.

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