Children and Gardening

Why would you want to interest your child in gardening?

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Because children learn about plants, caring for plants and responsibility when they garden. They also have fun and it’s time you can share together as a family. They also get a feeling of achievement when their plants do well.

You can interest your child in gardening by letting them grow their favorite plants and vegetable.

You can also take them to the store and let them pick out some seed and their own children’s gardening tools, made the right size for children.

Tools that would benefit a child would be a hoe, rake, hand shovel and bucket. You might also consider gloves and a hat.

Seeds that most children enjoy planting are beans, pumpkins, lettuce, corn, vining plants and cucumbers.

They also like tomatoes but that a vegetable that should be purchased as a plant. I also like to see them plant a few flowers, usually bought as plants. Children enjoy seeing their seeds sprout and grow. They also enjoy showing them off to friends and family.

I also put a place in the garden where they can just play. Whether its with a pail and shovel or cars I find this gives them play time along with time they work with their vegetables and flowers.

The most important thing is that the child learns about plants and has fun.

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This experience usually follows them into adulthood and you will see another gardener or at least a person who values the environment.

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