Childrens gardening – Starting plants indoors

Children love to grow seeds and plants and its good for them to see plants grow and learn about gardening.

There are several fun and easy garden projects children can do during the winter months that will entertain them and give them something got look forward to.

Corn grows very easily and the children can plant several corn seeds in a small pot to watch them grow. I usually find a fun pot like an animal planter or an old small child’s shoe.

A sweet potato will make a great hanging vine that will grow well for a long time. You can plant it in a hanging basket or pot with sand or sandy loam and water it occasionally. You can also root it over a jar of water with one end in the water. When the root begins to grow plant the potato.

A top of a pineapple has very attractive palm like laves and children love them. They are easy to start in a pint of water using the same method as above. Plant when the roots develop.

Children take great pride in their new plants and if you put them in fun pots or add figurines to the pot they will keep interest in the plant and show it off to all their friends.


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