Choosing Flowers for a Flowerbox – A tisket a tasket

choose the proper flowers for your basket… or flowerbox.

Flowers arranged in baskets, flower boxes and cute garden containers add color and change to your yard. You can even move them during the season to create more interest and change the color that surrounds you. These small gardens add personality and a touch of garden art to your yard. They are also perfect for apartmetns and cities.

Helpful tips for garden flower boxes and baskets.

  • When choosing baskets and containers make sure you have proper drainage and good soil. Choose young flowers rather than growing your plants from seed. This will give you an instant garden and color. Your plant selection will be determined by the season and how much sun the plants will get.
  • First make sure you flower boxes and pots are clean. Then spread a layer of pebbles in the container to help with drainage then arrange the plants in the container in a pleasing design. 
  • Place the plants you have chosen in the containers and fill with good soils and water well.
  • It’s best to choose a plant selection that will have color the entire season so I mix and match spring summer and fall plants. Below are some suggestions.
  1. Select fresh violets, pansies or primroses for the colder months. They withstand cooler temperature and some frost.
  2. A favorite of mine are geraniums. There are a wide variety of colors and some even have variegated leaves, which adds more color. These need to be planted and after all danger of frost is past.
  3. Nasturtiums come in shades of gold or orange and also come in vining varieties. They are easy to grow and can even be added to salads as an edible. (They have a peppery taste)
  4. I like to add a few spikes for height or dusty rose for color shock. Dwarf flowers, such as sweet dwarf marigolds and moss rose can fill out an arrangement.

Above all with flower boxes and containers is to have fun and get creative with color and containers. 

Just remember that containers dry out faster and will require more water. I check my containers and baskets daily.

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