Choosing Garden Tools – Part Two

So you’ve looked through your tools. Now its time to make a list of tools you need or want to replace.

It’s best to choose high quality tools. Stainless steel tools are long lasting, easy to clean, and don’t rust. But they are more expensive.

There are tools made from carbon fiber steel.  They are sturdy, durable, and easy to sharpen and less expensive. Just make sure to buy tools with ash shafts and steel-strapped or forged sockets. These tools handle pressure and stress well so will last.

Things to look for when buying tools

  • Make sure the tool’s shaft is straight. The wood grain should stay even down the length of the shaft. This makes a stronger shaft.
  • Buy loppers, prunes, and handsaws with replaceable blades.
  • Buy tools that have more than one use.
  • Avoid tools with painted handles. Paint can disguise and cover lower quality wood.
  • Avoid tools with plastic parts. The plastic becomes brittle with age.
  • Check to see how heavy the tool is. Is it too heavy or too light for the job you intend to use if for?
  • You may want to consider ergonomic tools. They are designed to reduce stress on muscles and joints

You can purchase tools at garage sales and auctions and save money just check the handles for problems and see how they were taken care of. Look for clean tools Also check the handles for rough spots, rust or splinters.

Take good care of your tools and they will last indefinitely. Your may want to check out my artcile on taking care of garden tools:

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