Choosing Gardening Tools, Part One of three

There are many tools in garden center to choose from but you only need a few to do all the work in you yard and gardens.


Here is a list of some of the most important tools.

  1. A square blade spade with a D-shaped handle

  2. A sturdy hand trowel

  3. A garden fork

  4. A leaf rake

  5. A bow rake

  6. A hand cultivator

  7. A stirrup hoe – I use this for fast weeding. If you cut most weeds off just below the soil they will die and not come back

  8. Bypass hand pruners

  9. A hori hori knife – great for dividing plants, making furrows, and weeding

  10. A garden claw – this is one of my favorite tools. It can dig up soil with a sod cover. Its work but it can be done. It also aerates the soil and disturbs new weed seeds.

  11. A wheelbarrow or garden cart  – This is a must for any yard. It saves on time and your back. I would not be without one! 

If you have a lot of trees or shrubs you will need to take into consideration more tools for pruning.


One other consideration is the use of ergonomic tools. These tools which are designed to reduce stress on muscles and joints. They are great for people with arthritis, disabilities and in general all gardeners. You can spend long hours in the yard and tools that take your muscles and joints into consideration help.


The next post will deal with how to select garden tools and a few tips for their care.

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