Christmas Plants – Top Christmas Plants for the Holidays

Most people think of the poinsettia as the Christmas flower but there are many other flowers and even herbs that are Christmas favorites.

Here are a few of the most popular flowers.

The Amaryllis has huge trumpet-like flowers on top of 1-to 2-foot stalks and  have an elegant look Mix with white flowers, pine and pinecones or ornaments for a quick centerpiece. They bloom for three to four weeks. Amaryllis plants will come back and bloom again during the year. They can also be set outside. I have had the same plant for about six years now.

The Anthurium is a Hawaiian plant with bright red flowers. They will bloom intermittently all year. The Pigtail anthurium (A. scherzeranum) adapts better to most indoor conditions but is much harder to find.

Red and white Azaleas varieties are also popular plants and make a fantastic floral display. At this time of year the blooms will usually last two to three weeks. These plants can be set outside in the summer and brought back indoors in the later fall.

Caladium is another plant that can be grown outdoors in milder weather and makes a geat focal point for christmas decorating.  Favorites for the holidays include the red leaves edged with green or the  snow white leaves with narrow green veins.  These brightly colored foliage plants grow from tuberous roots which need to be dug up in the milder climates and brought in. Withhold water when the leaves start to die down.  The plants will last indoors for three to four weeks.

The Chenille plant (Acalypha hispida) has long flower tassels in shades of crimson red to salmon red and will bloom for four to six weeks. They are popular as hanging baskets.

The Christmas cactus is a must have christmas plant in our house. The red-flowering  succulent has been a Christmas favorite but the white-flowering ones are also beautiful and a mixture of the two make great floral arrangements. They will bloom for two to four weeks and will bloom again in the summer under ther right conditions..

The white Chrysanthemum adds to any centerpiece and arrangement. They look great with pine. They will flower for two to four weeks and can be trimmed down and will bloom again in the summer.

Cyclamen has delicate, shooting star-like flowers in  whites and vibrant reds. Some of the  plants will have silvery variegated leaves. They will bloom for four to six weeks or longer under the right conditions.

The white-flowered Freesia are the most fragrant of all freesias. Add with a group of christmas flowers for color and a wonderful scent. They will Bloom  for two to three weeks and can be set outdoors when the weather warms up.

Kalanchoe have a delicate look with their large clusters of small, bright red flowers that stand above fleshy succulent foliage. The flowers will last for at least six weeks, possibly longer. Kalanchoe will bloom later in the year. This is a plant that I used to take with me when I traveled from state to state as a photographer.

Miniature roses now come in varieties that bloom almost year-round. It is very important that they receive very bright light. They won’t blossom as long indoors as some of the other plants listed. They bloom about  two to three weeks.

Herbs are also important christmas plants and my favorite is Rosemary. The plant is oftern trimmed in a christmas tree shape at this time of the year and can be decorated. The aroma is wonderful and you have a great culinary herb at the end of the holiday season

When you purchase most of these plants they have been forced to blosom for the holidays so they will need additional fertilizer.

Flowers just add to the festive feeling of the season and for the avid gardener make a great gift.

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