Climate changes and gardening under glass

I have just heard a rough description for the rest of my winter in NW PA and what they feel the summer and fall will be like. For me, overall I need to prepare my gardens for cool weather. With a zone 5 growing zone and a short growing season, this is not the news I was hoping for.

You can check your possible spring through fall season at the Farmer’s Almanac. And keep in mind, this is a rough guide that may or may not be accurate. Surprise storms and how close you are to one of the sections borders can affect your growing climate results.

If you live in the Lower Lakes  area the Farmer’s almanac is calling for average snow until march, a warmer than usual April and May, a cooler than normal summer and a warmer September and October. The area will also have below average rainfall.

For me this means I will do my gardens in the greenhouse again. Our summers have been so unpredictable lately that I am beginning to think year round growing is the way to go. It has certain benefits and there are several mini greenhouses or sun rooms that are very reasonable or that you can make by yourself.

As soon as he weather improves and I can figure out how to create you tube and videos I will make a video on how to make a reasonably inexpensive greenhouse.

But until then here are three reasons why year round greenhouse growing has its benefits.

  • More control over the climate. You can start plants earlier and grow them later in the season.
  • You may have a larger variety of plants you will be able to grow
  • Control over small animals like ground hogs and rabbits.

And here are a few concerns.

  • Cost of a greenhouse for both the building and and heating.
  • Space for the greenhouse
  • Learning how to grow under glass

Gardening under glass is quite easy once you make a few adjustments. But overall, the main concern when gardening is to have fun!

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