Confessions of a Garden Addict

I must confess. I am a garden addict. And it does not help when I head downtown and the sun is out and the snow is melting.

It started out very innocent with a visit to the bank where I saw a friend that has a nice perennial garden with an abundance of plants. So. I arranged a plant swap.

Then the next store had rose bushes on sale and my mother has wanted a rose garden. So I picked up 6 healthy looking plants. I have a place in the yard that would be the perfect rose garden. If I add a small fence, a trellis for the climbing rose and a bench the area will be perfect for reading or relaxing. A few decorative rocks and perennials would also add interest and color.

Of course I found a few plants in the garden center. With summer approaching new plants on the patio would be a nice touch. I picked up lucky bamboo, three shamrock plants, and two bonsai plants.

I also bought a few bulbs and seed packets. One bulb was the elephant ear. This will be perfect for a bog garden that I would like to put in near the creek area. Bog gardens can be beautiful.

And in the fall I dig the elephants ear bulb up and store until spring. ( I do have one elephants ear I grow in the sun room in the winter.)

That’s what happens in the spring when the snow melts and the gardens and yards are just waking up. You want new and fresh plants to tend to and the selections at garden centers and stores are too tempting to pass up.

But I came home and the car was not full of plants and I had money left so I guess there might be hope for me.

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