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4 responses to “Contact us”

  1. Ed Ulrich

    Where can I buy Chinese lantern rhizomes for planting? Sincerely, Ed Ulrich.

  2. Denise

    Better garden center should carry them. Sometimes they can be ordered through garden catalogs.

    But Chinese lanterns start very easily from seed and see is available in most garden centers.

  3. Fiona

    I’ve been growing gourds since last March/April and I am wondering when the leaves go bad, do you clip them? Because I am in Ireland we’ve had a lot of rain and I’ve only managed to see growth in 3 of the gourds yet. I have been taking the dead leaves away and the flower seems to drop off! Can anyone help me to mind my 3 gourds?

  4. Denise

    If the leaves go bad they don’t necessarily need to be removed unless they are rotting and attracting insects.

    Either your gourds are not getting pollinated and thats why they are losing blossoms or its too cold. How warm are your nights, Gourds like warm weather adn even in my growing zone I have to watch the weather and start them indoors to ge a good crop.

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