Container Gardening – Grow an indoor Vegetable Garden

If you can’t wait until the weather clears outdoors to plants crops there are many vegetables you can grow indoors in pots and containers. You biggest concern will be proper lighting.

By using containers you can grow many crops indoors. Use potting soil or compost in your containers. I use a mix of both. If you are using potting soil only follow the directions on the back of the bag.

The soil should be lightly packed. If you pack the soil to firmly in your containers the roots will not have room to grow. I find it makes watering a little more difficult too.

Leave one to two inches at the top of the container for watering. After planting, gently water the soil. This will prevent the seeds from being washed out.

At first I check twice a day to see if I need to water the indoor vegetable garden. At this time I have found it’s helpful to cover you container with clear plastic. It acts as a mini greenhouse and helps speed the germination of your seeds. They also don’t need as much water.

As you move the plants to water them they will get interchanged and this can cause confusion. You can solve this problem by using a marker or tape and put the name, variety and date of planting in each container.

A bright sunny south-facing window is the ideal site for growing fresh vegetables in containers all year. You may need special supplemental lighting for growing vegetables during the winter months or in areas that receives western lighting.

I grow onions, lettuce, other greens, and radishes during the winter months. I usually have one tomato plant and a pepper plant all year long in the house. They have a southern lighting and grow lights during late January and February.

In March I start cucumbers in the house. After that its warm enough to open a greenhouse and plants crops there. I enjoy having non-chemical produce all year and its amazing what you can grow on a windowsill.


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7 responses to “Container Gardening – Grow an indoor Vegetable Garden”

  1. Teri

    I have always been tempted to try growing vegetables indoors, and this gives me the incentive. Plus I like the idea of not using pesticides on my food. Great idea!

  2. Denise

    Let me know how it goes Teri. I always have a few veggies and flower growing in the house somewhere.

    I also do not like chemicals on my food and I know my homegrow produce is totally chemical free. Denise

  3. steve

    What type of continer would you suggest for indoor organic vrggies ?? Do not want anything to leech into end product !

  4. Denise

    It depends on the look that you are going for or if its totally for use.

    I always like terra cotta. The pots breath well. Only problem is the moisture also exists the pot and will leave moisture spots. But I use pebbles and a tray of some sort under my plants so that helps that problem.

    Glass containers, if you don’t have to worry about them getting knocked over and broke.

    Stainless steel pots. I get them at a sale and drill holes in them for drainage.

    Basically anything without a stain or paint that will entr the soil.

    My favorite places to look are at garage sales or the salvation army! Thanksd for stopping by! Denise

  5. mavis

    i’m interested in an indoor vegetable garden. i have two north facing windows in my kitchen, one in the middle, and one in the dining area; direct sunlight doesn’t come in either window, just daylight.

    what vegetables and planting methods would you suggest for my situation?

    thank you.

  6. Denise

    How much daylight so you have during the day? You may have to think about adding additional lighting if the lighting is weak.
    Or it may affect the types of vegetables you can grow

  7. I have found some really cute pots for my container garden. They are more fun with less effort! 🙂

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