Container Gardening: If it holds dirt it can be a Planter

I brought in some of the Hens and Chicks I had growing in the side yard today. I just wanted a few more plants in the house for the winter.

I wanted a different look than the plain container so I grabbed an old calf length boot that was about to be tossed. It had a few holes in the toe area of the boot. I added a few more with a drill and sharp knife. I had places for 6 hens’ chicks to hang out.

I filled the boot with good compost soil and added the plants. I knew that the boot might leak a little so I took a rectangular tray and placed a layer of pebbles on it. then set the boot on top. In the winter plants on pebbles in a tray is a good idea. It helps drainage and retains moisture in the air around the plant.

This also reminded me of the old ice skates that were too abused to be used but they would look great hanging on the door with pine, a bow, and some Christmas decorations.

I wanted to bring in some vinca ivy and remembered the old oilcan I had salvaged the other day. It looks to be 80 years old and had a few dents. It was no longer useable for a garage. I had thought about making it into a mosaic centerpiece, but the vinca will look nice hanging from it with some type of tall plant in the back.

I also have a large glass bowl, almost a circular bowl. I think I will layer different colored rock in this bowl like sand art them add sandy soil to the top. I have a few cacti that would look good in a bowl like this and I think I will add some old ceramic pottery pieces with the plants to get a whimsical fantasy look. This I will give to my niece for her new apartment. It should not require much care.

As long as it will hold dirt and you have drainage so your soil will not get soggy and most found items would make a great container. I have recently seen blue jeans filled with soil and hung outdoors. These need to be outdoors as they tend to drip.

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3 responses to “Container Gardening: If it holds dirt it can be a Planter”

  1. suri

    I saw someone use a sleigh once as a planter, it’s even fitting for the holiday occasion.

  2. admin

    Thats a great idea! I like different. Thanks! Denise

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